Image of 44N44 award


About the special call sign

The local DARC chapter N44 Telgte (N44) is celebrating its 44th anniversary in 2022. We will be on air all of 2022 with the special call sign "DP44N44T" and the accompanying special DOK "44N44".
QSL cards will be sent automatically through bureau afterwards. There is no need to send your QSL.
We are looking forward to talking to you on air!

"44 Years of N44" Award

We are issuing an "44 Years of N44" award.
Two-way communication must be established with our event station "DP44N44T" on 44 different days of 2022 (2022-01-01…2022-12-31). All amateur bands and all modes are allowed.
The award can be downloaded in pdf format on the achievement of the conditions.